“Marsha worked very closely with me through the process of designing and building our new house in Fredericksburg.  I was literally overwhelmed with the number of decisions that was required. Added to this is the fact that I’m not very good a visualizing in the abstract how things will end up looking.  Marsha’s help was invaluable. Not only did she “get” the style I was going for, she really helped me understand what was important.  Her color and design sense is wonderful. She also she has a very strong understanding of the construction process and options so she could help communicate with the contractors and make suggestions on how to improve the outcome.  She also knows what questions to ask and can be firm with the contractors when she thinks things are not working out as they should. This was incredibly valuable since I was often clueless about what was needed.  In addition, in many cases she kept me from making some really unfortunate decisions. I can’t imagine having undertaken this effort without her.”