Blissful Interior Design


My husband and I have loved working with Marsha. We have different styles and Marsha is able to intertwine them so we are both very happy with the results. We started with just furnishing our newly purchased condo but we have been so pleased it has turned into a complete remodel. Marsha told me recently she has enjoyed working with us the past year and I advised we will be working together for a least another year with more projects. Highly recommend.


– Gloria

“What a joy it was to work with Marsha!

I have worked with designers in the past and just wasn’t particularly happy with the end product.

It took me years to realize it was because my end product was their vision not mine. Marsha on the other hand, knew exactly how to work with me where she could apply her design expertise to my vision, giving me the beautiful end product I had been dreaming of!”

– Ann

“Marsha worked very closely with me through the process of designing and building our new house in Fredericksburg.

I was literally overwhelmed with the number of decisions that was required. Added to this is the fact that I’m not very good a visualizing in the abstract how things will end up looking.

Marsha’s help was invaluable. Not only did she “get” the style I was going for, she really helped me understand what was important.

Her color and design sense is wonderful. She also she has a very strong understanding of the construction process and options so she could help communicate with the contractors and make suggestions on how to improve the outcome.

She also knows what questions to ask and can be firm with the contractors when she thinks things are not working out as they should. This was incredibly valuable since I was often clueless about what was needed.

In addition, in many cases she kept me from making some really unfortunate decisions. I can’t imagine having undertaken this effort without her.”

– Linda

“Marsha listens to clients desires/visions and offers many options with client budgets in mind.

She wants her clients to be happy with the end result and doesn’t force her preferences or choices on her client.

Marsha keeps up with the latest design trends and is very attentive to detail.

She has a fantastic hands on working knowledge of the home construction industry.

Marsha works well with her subcontractors and suppliers and has a great base of these individuals & companies to work with on any project.

I have worked with designers personally and in my job and she is far superior and easier to work with than any designer in my past experiences.

I felt so comfortable with Blissful Interiors and Marsha’s capabilities that I left her in charge of the beginning of a major master bathroom/bedroom remodel while we went on vacation for three weeks out of the country.

Marsha has excellent follow through and communication with the client was excellent.”

– Susan