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Outdoor Living Space

Minimum fee $1560

Additional Hours May Be Needed
Depending on the Size of the Job

For design fee only

So it’s not Interior Design, but your entire property should flow to bring the beauty and style from the inside to the outside. We find that often your outdoor spaces don’t need to have major reconstruction, but rather to be well-styled.

Let us transform your home’s exterior spaces to areas where you will be proud to entertain family and friends or serve as serene retreats.

Design would include:

  • Start with a 2 hour consultation (included in this fee)
  • Make a cohesive plan to include your aesthetics and needs
  • Provide a color palette
  • Select and procure pots/planters
  • Specify and procure appropriate furniture
  • Specify and supervise additions such as an awning or pergola under the supervision of a contractor
  • Design a bar or kitchen or both

Outdoor Living Space

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