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Do you have a special event or party coming up and need help with a refreshed design for your home? Or maybe you have recently purchased an older home here in San Antonio and need some design advise about updating and decorating? Some of you may have downsized your home and would like to start a new fresh interior and work in some of your treasured family pieces. And then there’s always the need to just get organized and make better use of rooms that sit idle like a dining room.

Then at that time if you feel you need further assistance, but not full service design, you can purchase 8 hours of design time to use for planning and selections over the next 3 months of time.

Schedule on multiple days in multiple ways for the following:

  • Furniture selection and/or arrangement
  • Accessorizing
  • Organization
  • Art selection and installation
  • Determination of what pieces to keep and those to donate to charity

Design Hours

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